Fruits and Flowers of the Spectral Garden is a multidisciplinary project that takes the form of photographs, installations, and videos. The project continues to imagine the world as seen through the eyes of the Scavenger. In the Urban Vernacular series, the Scavenger sought to make sense of the world by intervening and adding to it, by inserting himself into the nooks and crannies of urban space. In this new body of work, the Scavenger's focus has shifted to preservation, salvaging bits and pieces of his environment. The specimens he collects as he wanders the city are preserved in jars with an alcohol solution. Over time the contents are slowly bleached by the preservation fluid, leaving only ghostly remains. 

In the fall of 2014, the Scavenger transformed a loading dock in Riversdale into a theatrical garden. Old slide projectors illuminated the jars, casting their shadows onto portable screens. Rotating mechanisms spun the jars slowly, transforming the specimens into haunting black-and-white films. A second version of the Spectral Garden films is currently in production using more traditional video techniques.

The jars also exist as a series of photographs, documented as a further means of preservation and display.