AutoPark is a portable garden of defunct vehicles that have been converted into large-scale terrariums. Cars, vans, trucks and SUV’s house communities of native plants, re-inserting the wilderness into contrived urban landscapes. Riffing off of the history of the enclosed growing space, the artist investigates our evolving relationship to the natural and the man-made worlds, proposing that we find new ways to inhabit both.
AutoPark was exhibited at the Works Art and Design Festival and the Prairie Art Gallery in 2010.

"Laura St. Pierre’s cars are throwbacks. They have sunk into the waste pile of disrepair and obsolescence. They are reminders of a power we once thought we had to live outside this world and make it our own. Now, beyond their mundane practicality, they are containers for the past: nostalgia-bubbles that throw us backwards to a time of super-enhanced bodies walking on the moon.
But St.Pierre rescues and repurposes them. She fills them with soil, plants, a little water and lets them sit there, parked. They grow. (…)
This park isn’t showy. It doesn’t make you cry. AutoPark waits. It’s a sign. It’s an arc: a fertile capsule – a bomb. It’s ready, and when the time comes…"
-Exerpt from exhibition essay “Sculpture as Bomb”, by Marcus Miller, 2010